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After Tiffany Austin (pictured) made national news after staff at a Planet Fitness in Richmond, Calif., allegedly told her to cover up because her attire was too revealing, the singer is getting back at the gym by spoofing it in a hilarious video.

Dressed in the same attire that got her in trouble during her first and only visit to the gym several months ago, the YouTube video shows Austin flexing all 100 pounds of her lean figure during the 3:27 video as she scares other gym members twice her size. When she isn’t on machines working out, she is causing havoc around the gym pushing and menacing whoever is in her path. Making fun of the Planet Fitness staffer’s alleged complaint that she was making other members uncomfortable, Austin’s chorus through the song is, “She said our members have been complaining, you’re too intimidating, with all that muscle tone.”

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The Los Angeles-born vocalist bought a membership at the gym back in March, but her first workout lasted just 15 minutes. As NewsOne previously reported,  Austin said she was approached by a staff member who told her her, “Excuse me we’ve had some complaints you’re intimidating people with your toned body. So can you put on a shirt?”

She was wearing a string tank top that showed her stomach and capri-pants (pictured below). After agreeing to wear a shirt provided by staff, Austin claims another gym official complained about her body. She says that was when she asked for her money back and left the gym. But she wasn’t the only person to have issues with Planet Fitness and its clothing policy. A Muslim woman says she was forced to remove her head covering when she wanted to workout at a New Mexico location back in 2011; she has recently filed a lawsuit against the gym. Several days ago, a pregnant woman who worked out at a Planet Fitness in South Carolina said gym staff told her she had to cover up her partially exposed pregnant stomach.

That was the final straw for Austin.

“When they started picking on the pregnant people, I was like, ‘I really have to put this [spoof video] out because they’re like Godzilla,’” she told NewsOne. “They don’t care right now. They’re just mistreating whomever they feel like.”

Planet Fitness has repeatedly defended its dress policy whenever an irked costumer feels they were unfairly treated under the gym’s dress policy.

Austin said she has considered suing Planet Fitness, but says lawsuits are very time-consuming and would be a major commitment for her. The spoof video, however, only took one day to shoot and one day to edit. She hopes that making fun of the gym will force its executives to reconsider its dress policy.

“And then maybe they’ll change it without people having to sue,” Austin said. “That’s a very long and costly process and you just hope that kind of opens their eyes before things get too far down the road.”

Whether that happens or not, the video is too funny and is worth all three minutes and twenty-seven seconds of your time.


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