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The governor of Georgia today signed a gun law that expands the amount of public places a registered gun owner can carry their firearm.  Some of these places include bars, churches, schools (staff members), airports and governmental buildings without metal detectors.  Protesters of the law have claimed that this law is extreme, but the NRA applauds the law as a victory for the Second Amendment.  The law does not go into action until July 1st.  Here are some of the changes.

1) Bars

Before the new law, gun owners were not allowed to bring their firearms into bars unless the bar owner specifically allowed it. But under the Safe Carry Protection Act, the emphasis is reversed. A patron can bring guns into bars unless the owner tells him or her to leave.-NBC News

2) Churches

Church leaders will now be able to decide whether to allow their congregations to bring guns into their buildings. Right now, bringing guns into houses of worship is illegal. Under the Safe Carry Protection Act, if a gun license holder brings a gun into church against the wishes of that church’s leaders, the gun owner will be fined $100. If a non-license holder brings a gun to that same church, he or she will be guilty of a misdemeanor. -NBC News

Click the link to see the full details of the proposed changes and stipulations to the law below.


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