TV One airs episodes of Good Times each morning at 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.  They recently aired the “Black Jesus” episode.

JJ paints a picture of Ned the Wino that looks like Black Jesus.  Michael convinces Florida to allow them to post the picture of Black Jesus on the wall during Black History Week.  As soon as the picture is posted the Evans family gets lucky – James gets money from the IRS, Thelma gets asked on a date by a guy she really likes and Michael finds $5.

Florida is skeptical about Black Jesus and tells her family that the painting isn’t bringing them luck.  She tells James: “James, luck is not what Jesus was sent to us for. He was sent to us to teach us humility when things are going good and Faith to carry through when things are going bad. Jesus has nothing to do with luck.”

What do you think? Is luck an act of Jesus?