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Courtesy of Boston Dot Com

The mayor of Detroit Dave Bing took offense to recent comments made the Boston mayor in a magazine article about Detroit in which he claimed, “blow up the place and start all over“, according to the New York Times Magazine. He feels that using this phrase is a poor choice of words since the city of Boston just recently had a bomb attack.

‘‘It is extremely regrettable that Boston Mayor Thomas Menino used such an unfortunate choice of words to describe what he would do if he came to Detroit,’’ 

 ‘‘I would think the mayor of a city that recently experienced a deadly bombing attack would be more sensitive and not use the phrase ‘blow up.’’’ -Detroit mayor Dave Bing

 Boston mayor Menino told the magazine that inactivity and leadership were some of the problems that Detroit has been facing, which resulted in the city struggling in finances and being bankrupt.  The Detroit mayor is urging the Boston mayor to come and check out Detroit firsthand and see it for himself.  To read the full story and check out the video, click the link below.



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