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Charles Ramsey has given quite a few interviews since he rescued Amanda Berry from the Ohio house where she, her daughter, and two other women were being held captive—and in quite a few of those interviews, as well as his initial 911 call, he mentioned that he was eating McDonald’s when he first heard Berry’s screams. The fact did not go unnoticed. Sample headline from E! Online: “Charles Ramsey Deserves Free McDonald’s for Life.” And he just may get it, because the AP reports that Mickey D’s is now trying to get in touch with Ramsey.

“We salute the courage of Ohio kidnap victims & respect their privacy. Way to go Charles Ramsey—we’ll be in touch,” McDonald’s tweeted yesterday. A company spokesperson tells the AP it is trying to use its local franchisee, as opposed to the media, to get in touch with Ramsey, and notes that McD’s is trying to be discreet, considering “this is a very tragic situation and we can’t lose sight of that.” But in the Los Angeles Times, David Lazarus accuses McDonald’s of “shamelessly exploiting” the kidnapping case, and notes that it’s pretty hypocritical to claim you want to be discreet … in an interview with the AP.