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The Super Bowl has become one of the biggest events of the year. It’s not just for the boys anymore. For the ladies the Super Bowl means a night with the guys, but they will NOT look like the guys. Their casual outfits, which are comprised of their (or their man’s) favorite team jersey, jeans, heels (or coordinating sneakers) are the core of their Super Bowl gear, but the piece de resistance is their hair … and it has to look effortless, not overdone.

This year’s Super Bowl headliner has set the stage for ladies, giving them a good example of what will make a good Super Bowl look. In the promotional photos for the occasion the red-lipped Beyoncé sports a long wavy look that will work well with the casual Super Bowl outfit, but also look effortless and not too overdone.

Recreate the look by:

Step 1 | Curling the hair using a 1” barrel curling iron. Be sure to use a dry oil treatment and heat protectant. We recommend Thermafuse Heat Smart Serum and One Pass.

Step 2 | Curl the hair away from the face and rake fingers through the curled hair to break it up and give it a more tousled casual look.

Optional | Want a more crisp curl? Spray a light hairspray on before curling. We recommend Thermafuse Uphold Hairspray.

Have Short Hair? Go for a punky-chic look (think Rihanna and Halle Berry).

Step 1 | Use a dry oil treatment and heat protectant to curl hair with a large barrel curing iron or flat iron. We recommend Thermafuse’s Heat Smart Serum and One Pass.

Step 2 | Use a styling pomade to separate and shine. We recommend Thermafuse TACtexture taffy.