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Like President Obama, Charlotte’s Delores Reid-Smith is headed back to Washington, DC for a presidential inauguration on Jan. 21.

“I’m headed back to Washington!” Reid-Smith proclaimed excitedly. “It feels wonderful.”

Reid-Smith is organizing two buses to go to the inauguration. She did the same thing for the 2009 inauguration. The first inauguration drew an estimated 1.8 million people.This year’s inauguration isn’t expected to draw the same size record-breaking crowd as the 2009 inauguration. The Associated Press reports an estimated 600,000-800,000 people are expected to attend the inauguration.

It was easier to fill those back then. In 2008, both of her buses were already full. This time around, she said people waited to see if Obama would win a second term. Reid-Smith says she knew Obama would win. She reserved her buses and hotels back in July. She’s already filled one bus and is working on the second.

This time around they’re staying for two nights and visiting the MLK memorial and other D.C. sites. Packages range from $275-$465. Payment is due upon reservation. For more information call Reid-Smith (704) 532-6403 or email:

Other bus trips include:

The “Witness History Trip” is a fundraiser for the Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males (ELMP). We are selling bus passes for $150 each to travel to the Presidential Inauguration & Parade. Please visit for more information. Please call Susan Woods, Coordinator, at 704.968.2769 to ask questions.