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By Tanya Wilson

Both of my parents were in politics. My father at the state level and my mother at the local level. One thing I know firsthand is that campaign seasons can be tough.  Because each party sets out to win, it’s not uncommon to see people forgetting about integrity and truth, focused on the end result which is to win.

This presidential campaign season was one of the most difficult that I have experienced.  Even though I was familiar with embellishment tactics that are common place in campaigns, this season felt very different from the norm.

I was moved as I watched President Obama tear up at the conclusion of his campaign when speaking in Iowa, as well as, following the victory as he spoke to his team of volunteers.  I thought of the times I allowed my tears to heal me from my struggles and I celebrated his release as he realized he had done all he could; now he had to stand.

During the time of our President’s birth, it was not as accepted as it is today for a Caucasian woman to join with an African man and out of wedlock have a child. Yet the Lord used that uncommon relationship and situation to birth a President. Despite the difficulty of her circumstance, the President’s mother did all that she could to raise him well. Nevertheless, his early years were not easy as detailed in his book “Dreams From My Father.”

His time in the community working at the grass roots level in neighborhoods fighting for what he believed in could not have been easy either. Sometimes even when you believe you are doing what is right in a situation, there are times when, others don’t see things the way you see them and opposition shows up.

Financially, he had his struggles; we know that as we learned about his old Jeep with worn out flooring driven when he would pick Michelle up for their dates.  Let’s not forget when he met Michelle, he met her as an employee, so at the time, the woman he would marry made more of a salary and held a higher position than he did.

Sacrifice and suffering is evidenced throughout his life, but now he walks in his blessings, as is highlighted in Romans 8:18,” For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

What if he had given up when things were tough? What if he didn’t press on, or what if he had dismissed his emotions for Michelle because at the time she held a higher position and salary than he did?  Chances are we would not have witnessed his election to be our 44th President of these United States.

I am sure, that mixed in his tears, as he said “you believed in me,” was the revelation of knowing that his prayers were answered, and that the promises that he held true in his life, came to pass and despite every hurt place and every loss and suffering place, he was victorious.

Congratulations Mr. President!

Tanya is an inspirational speaker and writer living in Charlotte. You can friend her on Facebook or email her at Read more by Tanya Wilson:

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