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By Tanya Wilson

There are a lot of people in the world today dealing all sorts of stuff! As I have been interacting with some of them, what has been interesting is the difference in how people are dealing with what comes their way.

I have a couple of friends that I actually keep up with more on Facebook than I can in person, but I admire the two of them so much. A couple of years ago, their career’s transitioned away from the newspaper industry. As is the case with many companies, things change, technology changes, people change. These two friends took that situation and turned it into a thriving opportunity for entrepreneurship, placing a thumbprint of distinction all over their hometown. I have encountered others that have been faced with similar circumstances and they could barely get out of bed to start the day ravaged with fear. And then there are others that never get past some of the wounds of life.

Trust me I have some busted knee experiences that I look back on and think “how did I get over….” Each experience taught me something different. Probably, the best lesson I learned is that it is truly about how you choose to see your circumstance. In other words, what are you saying to yourself about whatever the situation is?

I have read a lot of material on crisis management and one quote that sticks out came from Eckhart Tolle who said, “act like you planned it!” My gosh, how powerful is that. In other words, roll with what is your NOW. Matthew 6:34 put it this way, 34 “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

Don’t get me wrong, some stuff is tough, real tough in some instances that is for sure. But when you think about it, and you reflect on Matthew 6:34, yesterday already happened, so there is nothing you can do about that. Tomorrow has yet to come so it is the unknown. The reality is, you only really have this day.

The scripture tells us, “give us our daily bread” or the bread that we need for each day. When we put our energy into what we can do in a given day, we save ourselves from the distraction of focusing on the past or the unknown.

When I can center my focus on a given day, it allows me a clear palate in which to begin writing a new story, one that reflects all the lessons and wisdom gained along this life’s journey. As I tour the world with my two friends on Facebook, though I have not asked them, I am sure that what they have experienced is having one door close, opening the way through a big ole bay window!

Tanya is an inspirational speaker and writer living in Charlotte. You can friend her on Facebook or email her at Read more columns by Tanya Wilson.

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