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Elev8’s Oretha Winston spoke to gospel music singer and writer Kirk Franklin about his recently published book, “The Blueprint: A Plan for Living above Life’s Storms.”

The Blueprint is a transparent approach to talking about issues— from marriage to politics to sex and religion—and it’s from my perspective. Not from a Princeton, mainline, protestant, evangelical or liberal viewpoint, but from a 2009 Christian moderate with swag.” – Kirk Franklin

Kirk took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to provide Elev8 with an exclusive interview regarding his new book “The Blue Print”

OW:  Why did you decide now was the time to write a book?

Kirk: “It wasn’t an idea of my own. People in the audience wanted a book at the conference I was speaking at. People would ask for a book. It was time to do one a book. People kept asking for a book in the audiences. My team began saying that it’s time to start the book. The process started and here we are now.