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This week’s Sunshine Report is all about inspiring women.  Two local women are using their personal experiences to inspire, educate and empower other women.  Check out those stories and more in this week’s Sunshine Good News Report.

#iam Helping Others Heal [My Viewpoint] One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Lauryn Hill. On her CD MTV Unplugged 2.0 Hill talked about the freeing power of honesty and transparency.

“We were in Florida this weekend. We took the kids to Disney World. They gave us a tour so they escorted us through the back. And when they escorted us through the back we got to see how there were all these people working all hard and it was real dirty back there. Of course in the front it was all immaculate and clean. And I said people need to see the reality. They need to see how these people slave to maintain this illusion….what’s the point. Oh, I just threw this together…. Slavin to act like I wake up like this. And none of us do….and reality is good. It means that everybody can exhale and let your belly out ….that is the blessing [to be able to] go around and say, ‘oh you got one too.’ And be free.”

And it’s true. There is freedom in being able to expose all the things that you hold inside. Case and point: Reality television. Besides the money that the people who star on these reality shows get, they have an opportunity to free themselves. They no longer have to hide their stuff because it is now all out in the open. So, while many find this a poor representation, I find it to be of great service to them and others. They are sharing their testimony. God gives us the test, so we can share the testimony.

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DeVondia Roseborough Is Fighting HIV By Helping Others In 2003, Charlotte native DeVondia R. Roseborough was diagnosed with HIV. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and making her diagnosis a death sentence, Roseborough used her story to help others. In 2005, she founded the Rasberri Rose Foundation to positively impact the mind, body and soul of women and girls struggling with low self-esteem. The Foundation is focused on helping women make smart decisions regarding their sexual behaviors.

She uses her personal story to uplift women and girls out of situations she experienced through her witty, tough love approach in how to be a better you no matter the circumstance.

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