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By Tanya Wilson

It’s funny how things become clearer with time. In the midst of a situation often times we just don’t get it.

I have a dear friend that has been dealing with legal troubles for several years now. It seems that over the years things went from bad to worse. We prayed, we fasted, we marched, we did it all, and the clouds continued to darken on the situation.

Instead of getting better things escalated to the place that we had been praying against. When all was said and done, the question was, why? How could this be? How could such a wonderful person have to endure such an unspeakable thing?

Sometimes when we face things that are tough, and we believe we have done all we could do and whatever we were praying against happen there are times when we are tempted to give up feeling like what’s the use. Some of us get angry even if it is just for a moment. Why do good people have to go through bad things? I think there is even a book with that title. In the case of my friend, admittedly I just couldn’t get my arms around it, or understand it at all.

Some things take place suddenly. You may have been praying with no answer, and then suddenly a shift will happen. That’s what happened for me as I prayed for understanding as to why this calamity? Psalm 110:71 helped me to see that sometimes in the midst of what is our suffering, there are things that are yet to be learned or revealed. I don’t know about you, but for me, in some of my greatest disasters, have been my greatest lessons. I couldn’t see it at first, but as the old folks used to say, by and by.

In the case of my friend, I now see that there were things that had to be exposed and showcased for them to see.

Otherwise, a blind eye would have continued. But in the midst of all the mess, the ugly things came to the surface and the good peeked through.

It’s funny how when things are going well for you, there is no shortage of friends or family. Not hard for folks to be there when all is well. But it is something about trouble times that really allows you to see who really has your back and who really is in your life on purpose.

As the journey continues in life, it is important that we are students of what life is teaching. Even when life trips us up, or skins our knees, there are power lessons even in the calamity.

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Tanya is an inspirational speaker and writer living in Charlotte. You can friend her on Facebook or email her at Read more columns by Tanya Wilson.

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