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Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thy own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

I am mentally, physically and emotionally worn out! I have been tried, sifted, pulled, broken, still, patient, hurt, hurt again, hurt again….and, hurt again…that’s a wrap…let me off the ride, I am so done! Am I alone here?

What is so frustrating about this is that I am mad at myself for feeling this way. It’s not that I don’t trust God. It’s not that I don’t believe in God. Or, is it? If I am allowing my feelings of being worn out to take center stage in my spirit right now, isn’t that what I am really saying? Am I really saying to God that, “you know what, I don’t believe you are a way maker”, “I don’t believe you will handle this situation”, “I can’t see this being resolved, solved, or accomplished”.

Haven’t you asked yourself, “How will I handle this?” What do you do when you just feel like ENOUGH is ENOUGH?

Well, you may not like the answer….shucks, I didn’t like the answer…at first…but, what you are to do during this state of discouragement is…trust God. That’s it! That’s all God gave me. And, recently I have realized that that is ALL I need.

Over the past month, I have had no other choice but to trust Him. But, to be clear, I didn’t just simply begin trusting God – I have begun to SINCERELY and FULLY trust God. My faith and trust in God has been strengthened and developed and my attitude of expectation has grown. I was expecting God to do what He said He would. And, my friends He kept His word.

When you begin to live in expectation, you develop a level of confidence. It is only then you can begin to boldly walk through and in any and all situations…because you are “expecting” God to provide what you need…peace of mind, healing, answers, resolutions, an opened/closed door, etc. But, oftentimes we fail to walk in a level of confidence because we allow our situations to cloud our spiritual vision which should show us that God is in us and by being in us – we are able to do ALL things.

God is saying to you and to me, “Trust Me”:

He didn’t give you the dream…not for it to come to past.  He is saying, “Trust Me!”

He didn’t have you survive the health scare for survival sake and that’s it. He is saying, “Trust Me!”

He didn’t remove a person from your life and say that’s it…no one else will enter your life to bring happiness…you will walk alone. Shucks, God was working that out before you even experienced your loss. He is saying, “Trust Me!”

He didn’t take you through and out of a season of lack 5 years ago, only to leave you in lack now.  He is saying, “Trust Me!”

He didn’t promise you joy in “that” area of your life…even giving you a peak into seeing what it will look like just to tease you.  He is saying, “Trust Me!”

He isn’t expecting you to work as hard as you do on your job, in your business, your ministry, for your family, just because.  He is saying, “Trust Me!”

He doesn’t want you to live a responsible, respectable, Christ-like life because “it’s the right thing to do”.  He is saying, “Trust Me!”

He is not having you go through this trial, this test, this temptation just for the sake of seeing if you can do it.  He is saying, “Trust Me!”

Bottom line, there is a method to God’s actions….

And, as much as we don’t want to accept the truth…His timing is not ours and there is nothing we can do about it. So, instead of allowing our situations to determine our mood/attitude, which isn’t doing anything but making things worse, internally and externally, we need to SINCERELY and FULLY begin to trust God. In doing that we can live and speak confidently that things will work out the way they should and when they should.

Walk in faith. Live in love.

Mo Wood

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