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Let’s face it most of us do not enjoy cleaning. Raise your hands if you’ve ever screamed out, ‘I love to clean!” (Didn’t think so)! Here are a few tips to get your home ready for spring without breaking a sweat from

1. Open the windows. If you hate to dust, leave your windows cracked open more, says homemaking expert Julie Edelman, who spoke to the New York Daily News. It cuts down on dust, and can do wonders for your bathroom too by cutting back on mold growth.

2. Buy some houseplants. These puppies act as a all-natural air freshener, adds Edelman. Here are some tips, from Vitamin G, for some good, low-maintenance varieties.

Lighten up your living room for spring.

3. Invest in some cute storage bins (think non-cheesy baskets, canvas boxes, etc.). No time to label your files, sort your socks, catalog your magazines? Big deal–just throw them in some bins. I love this trick (and I have little storage containers all over my house!). For instance, on my desk is a little basket that serves two purposes: looking cute and housing all the random paperwork I need to file (next century). This strategy also works great for bedrooms and living rooms. Do you change over your closet with the seasons?