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Shanquella Robinson

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Bernard Robinson, the father of Shanquella Robinson, says he is leaning on his faith and his family as he seeks justice for his daughter.  I asked Robinson and their family pastor, what justice looks like. Bishop John Walker, of Macedonia Baptist Church, says he believes that all of the individuals on the trip to Cabo, who contributed to the death of Shanquella Robinson, must be held accountable. Walker says he believes that accountability will bring peace to the family. According to Walker, Shanquella joined Macedonia and was baptized at an early age. “She supported a capital campaign to build the new church and grew up as a member of a youth group, the God squad”, the Pastor said.

Robinson says he just wants to know why they did what they did. He wants the group, who some have named the ‘Cabo 6’, to know that they put a big hole in his heart. Robinson says as a father, he is haunted by knowing that his daughter suffered and that he couldn’t do anything to protect her.

On October 28th, Shanquella and six others traveled from Charlotte to Cabo San Lucas. The next day, she was found dead in the living room of her vacation rental.  A viral video shows someone physically attacking Shanquella in a room prior to her death. Her dad says he doesn’t understand how everyone in the room could watch his daughter, who was naked, be attacked and not do anything. In the video, Shanquella is not fighting back. Robinson says when the ‘Cabo 6’ returned to the U.S., they met with the family and said that his daughter had died from alcohol poisoning.  “They sat there and told their side of the story when they had the videos in their phones and knew what really happened,” he says.  The Charlotte native says that he knows many of his daughter’s friends however he doesn’t know any of the people who accompanied his daughter to Cabo.  Reportedly, Shanquella attended Winston Salem State University with the others. Robinson also shared that none of the parents of the Cabo 6 has contacted him.

A copy of Shanquella’s death certificate that was issued on November 5th states that her death was caused by ‘severe spinal cordates injury and atlas luxation’. Mexican officials classified the 25-year old’s death as ‘accidental or violent.’ They say evidence shows Shanquella’s death was caused by a direct attack and not an accident, and that a female friend was involved. Daniel de la Rosa, the attorney general for Baja California Sur, says the extradition process has started for a suspect charged with the crime of femicide, the killing of a woman because of her gender. Although the name of the suspect has not been disclosed, Mexican officials have confirmed that the arrest warrant is for a U.S. citizen. Robinson says that with the videos circulating; the evidence is out there. He is relieved thatthe FBI and Mexican authorities are investigating.  But he “just wants justice for his daughter.”