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I’m sure everyone is watching the amazing rescue of the 33 miners in Chile. I am not just amazed at the rescue, but at how they survived for 69 days, a half-mile under the earth! My goodness, what faith these men must have! And if there was one (or two, or three) who didn’t have faith, what faith the others must have had to keep them encouraged and believing that help is on the way. I’m sure you have all heard sermons about, “He may not come when you want him to, but he is always right on time.” Over the past 19 years, which is the extent of my adult life, I have heard that statement in church and from family and friends. Depending on the various trials, especially the RA, friends and family always encouraged me of the miraculous nature of God. Trust me I don’t doubt the miracles of God, but I personally believe that God doesn’t perform OUR miracles, but HIS miracles (ponder that). Also, I personally believe in order for God to perform his miracle or bless us, we have to do our part. When Jesus healed the Leper, the Leper had to approach him and ask. When Simon and Jesus caught an abundance of fish, Simon had to be obedient and go out deeper into the water. Even when Jesus turned water into wine, Mary had to urge him to first fill the pots with water. In order for the miners to be rescued, they had to be patient. In order for me to maintain my mobility and minimize daily pain and remain independent, I have to take care of myself and take my medicine. Whatever your need is, trust me you have to do your part too.

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I’m the daughter of a great woman, who is the daughter of a great woman…now I’m just trying to be a great woman.