Pressley, who has served at Hickory Grove Baptist for 14 years, reportedly stated in a recent interview that, "we got to quit arguing and start going back to work.” 

A Pew Research Center survey released in December 2021, says that the most religious group in our country are African immigrants.  The survey was based on the following: attendance at weekly service the importance of religion read scripture once weekly believe in God as described in the Bible/ scripture believe that scripture should be taken […]

The Easter bunny, or what some like to call the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare, is a staple in our Easter traditions. Parents hide Easter eggs, and children run and find them, and we all chalk it up to the Easter bunny. But who invented the Easter Bunny? Easter Rabbit originated among German Lutherans, and was intended as a character that played […]

Sir The Baptist breaks the story behind his single “Deliver Me” and what inspired the song. The artist talks about how domestic violence effects the church and how often it’s hidden within the congregation because of the beliefs of many. Take a look at the full interview below: What are your thoughts? Follow Us On […]

Have you ever witnessed something so bizarre that you knew there had to be some greater force taking over? If you haven’t, this video will definitely change your mind. Footage from a car dash shows a terrible crash about to happen before the driver manages to pull off this miraculous move: Mind blowing! Jesus […]

Community Voices host Ron Holland talks to a former first lady and author Theresa Clark about her book, Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil, the effects of spousal abuse and how to survive afterwards. Be sure to catch Ron Holland every weekend on Community Voices starting at 4am on Praise 100.9! Sign Up For Our […]

Black Panther might be the most anticipated Marvel movie of all time, but some folks are too excited about the release the comics first motion picture film. A Facebook group called “Christians Against Black Panther Movie,” has popped up on the scene and has grown tremendously as the movie approaches. The six year old group. […]

Ron Holland sits down with two local pastors from Charlotte to talk about the how religion is effected in today’s generation and how politics also effects the church.   You can listen to Part II of this discussion this weekend during Ron Holland’s Community Voices on Praise 100.9 starting at 5am. RELATED: The Founder of NSpire […]

Willie Moore Jr Show

There is an elementary school in my neighborhood that has a tradition of placing quotes on a huge board outside on their lawn.Each Monday a new quote is there. No author. Just the quote. I, like many of my neighbors, have come to look forward to the quote of the week.Once I saw the man […]

Everyone knows that greek organizations have a vow a secrecy when it comes to the behind the scenes activities and rituals they take part in. A former Delta Sigma Theta Inc.member has decided to quit her sisterhood organization after claiming it had cult-like qualities. Angela Crenshaw wrote an open letter published on Memoirs of a Virtuous […]

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