Navarrow Wright

  Sitting in traffic? Looking for your vehicle at the airport? Navarrow Wright shares some apps that can help you with your commuter troubles! Apps To Help You On Your Commute  

    On today’s Tech Thursday with Navarrow Wright, we discussed back to school technology tools. All the information on the apps, sites and products you need:

Today’s Tech Thursday we discuss apps that can make your summer travel more affordable!

This week we discuss OUR OWN tech tools!!!

  This Thursday we discuss how to make sure your graduates are ready for their future!

This week in Tech Thursdays Melanie Clark speaks with Chief Technology Officer of Interactive One, Navarrow Wright. Wright breaks down Wright breaks down how Facebook IPO week (IPO = initial public offering) drives home the importance for African Americans to be literate in all things digital. Wright also shares his Close the Divide initiative.

Some think church and technology are two words that don’t go together. Navarrow Wright  (@navarrowwright) , CTO of Interactive One talks with Praise 100.9′s Melanie Clark (@melaniewho)  about strategies for churches and why we have to keep up!

Social Media helped make the Trayvon Martin case a global news story. We take a look at how that happened and what lessons we can learn and apply in our own lives.  Navarrow Wright, CTO of Interactive One talks with Praise 100.9’s Melanie Clark.