Wisdom Moment With Christopher Gray  “Embrace The Process” (Audio)!   (Audio)!

Pastor Scott Rodriguez tried to handle it with grace. Pastor Rodriguez says, “Mrs. Muldoon set her tent up across the street from our church (it…

VIA: Elev8.com It appears the local churches are suffering from the bells and whistles of the mega-churches. T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, Charles Blake, and many others are a part of a trend towards Mega Churches. Many African American preachers look toward these churches as models of where they wish to be. But is […]

Congress has been investigating the mega-churches of Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar and  Joyce Meyer for a while. The initial congressional investigation which ended with an audit last fall  was concluded but with open questions. Funds and property were the lynch pins for queries.  All the churches investigated submitted paperwork that was either missing key facts […]