One of President Obama’s staffers was arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on her boyfriend after suspecting him of cheating.

Donald Sterling could spend the rest of his days wearing a Black Jesus (or even Yeezus tee) while holding a Black baby in one arm while using…

Donald Sterling is finally speaking out and attacking Magic Johnson. The L.A. Clippers owner told Anderson Cooper during his CNN interview that Magic Johnson should be ashamed of himself for getting the AIDS disease. Sterling said, “To do what [Magic] did and then get A.I.D.S. … I mean, come on.” To make it clear, Magic […]

An attorney representing V. Stiviano in the Donald Sterling controversy said Thursday that the hour-long conversation was taped by mutual agreement last year and was given to  a friend for safekeeping. We have learned that the friend was the one who then leaked the racial comments to TMZ. V. Stiviano sent two snippets of the racial […]

We have learned that the disgraceful Clippers owner Donald Sterling, is in a fight for his life and has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to the New York Post and ESPN.  “They thought he would die two years ago,”€ a source told the Post. “People have been predicting his imminent demise. I’m sure he […]

After NBA Commissioner Adam Sliver gave his decision to banned L.A.Clippers owner, Donald Sterling from the NBA, fining him $2.5 million, NBA former and current players are speaking out via twitter. See just what greats like Magic Johnson, Reggie Miller, LeBron James and more had to say. Former and current NBA players are very happy […]

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has started a new national conversation about race and racism in our country. Everyone from President Obama to the man…

So if you’re like me you’ve heard a lot about the statement made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling, but hadn’t heard it for yourself. The following audio is from a private conversation between Sterling and girlfriend V. Stiviano, who is half African-American and half Mexican. Take a listen to the audio below and let us […]