Netflix will act as the inaugural scholarship donor for the multi-million dollar Chadwick Boseman Scholarship. The University also recently announced that it renamed its College of Fine Arts center after the late actor. The $5.4 million Chadwick Boseman Scholarship will cover four years of tuition for students, awarding one incoming freshman annually with the scholarship. […]

After saluting Wakanda, he announced the re-establishment of Howard’s College of Fine Arts.

While people knew that Black Panther was among 2018’s most highly anticipated films and they knew the buzz on it was intense, every week that box office receipts come in must be a shocker for a least some Hollywood observers. Wakanda and King T’Challa have now surpassed the blockbuster Titanic at the box office to […] That Wakanda reign just won’t let up. This week, Twitter announced that Black Panther is officially the most tweeted about movie of all time…ever…in the world. Alerting us all on Tuesday, March 20, the social networking site also revealed the most retweeted post concerning the film is Kendrick Lamar‘s tweet about the Black Panther […]

There was nothing but black excellence at the box office this weekend. Black Panther ($41.2 million) and A Wrinkle In Time ($33 million) finished 1-2 at the box office this weekend and made a little history in the process. Together, they’re the first films to be helmed by black directors (Ryan Coogler, Ava DuVernay) to sit at the top spots […]

Fans of the hit movie got the surprise of their life when Chadwick Boseman showed up during their testimonials.

Ryan Coogler is emotionally overwhelmed by the support Black Panther is receiving and penned a personal letter to express his gratitude. The young director thanked fans, the Black Panther cast and the team who worked on the film. Winston Duke, who plays M’Baku in the Marvel masterpiece, also shared his appreciation for Coogler on […]

What can we say about Chadwick Boseman‘s T’Challa that you don’t already know? We can think of a few things! Black Panther has finally premiered and waves of melanated viewers are coming out to support the film. Whether they’re doing it because they By now, you know the basics about T’Challa: He’s a genius. He […]

Danai Gurira is ready to lead the world’s fiercest warriors as Okoye in Black Panther. In preparation for the premiere of Black Panther on Friday, we’ve introduced you to Erik Killmonger and Nakia, now it’s time for you to get acquainted with Okoye! Okoye is the one you’ve seen piloting a magnificent airship into Wakanda […]


Marshall  one of the best films released this year, opened October 13 in 821 theaters. Yet, the film Happy Death Day, released the same day opened in 3,149. This begs the question, why release a film when a studio has such low expectations? On the heels of receiving eight NAACP Image Award nominations and a Grammy nomination, Open Road Films brought the critically acclaimed […]


Chadwick Boseman is absolutely killing the game in Hollywood. The star of 42 and the upcoming Black Panther, he has also lined up a new film about the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall…and it looks good! Having already portrayed both Jackie Robinson and James Brown, Boseman has one other real-life subject up his sleeve. Marshall, directed […]