In an effort to close the national wealth gap, seven black owned banks and Major League Soccer (MLS) announced a partnership last month.  For the first time in history, MLS will provide a $25 million grant to the National Black Bank Foundation (NBBF).  The partnership is described as a commercial financial transaction exclusively for Black […]

Have you ever seen someone who was always driving a new car almost every other month it seemed? I remember, right after I graduated college, I had a few friends like that and always wondered where they got the money to get into the “flipping” cars game. They would have the newest of the newest […]

In my years as a Financial Planner, I have fielded many questions.  One of the most frequent questions I have been asked is, “What is the best area to invest in this market?” Many state that the equity market is poised for a strong rally in the long run. Others state that the bond market […]

Every successful financial plan needs to have clean credit and a high FICO score.  If we are to see more home and business ownership having good credit is the first step towards accomplishing this goal.  Too many times I have personally seen many opportunities missed because we have not taken the time to “clean” our […]

It seems there is a disconnect from what is being covered by financial news and what the public is really concerned about. You can’t turn on the financial news networks without hearing questions such as the following: “Will the US raise its debt ceiling?” “Will the tax cuts for the rich be extended?” “Will the […]

Unemployment reaches record levels, the housing market is slow, and real wages haven’t increased in far too long.  Many are finding themselves discouraged and losing and faith for a better financial tomorrow.  However, an increased level of faith will allow all of our financial dreams and goals to come to fruition despite this recession. There […]