Barbie has launched its first-ever doll with Down syndrome.

There’s more than a couple new are some new Barbies coming to stores near you, and these latest additions are just in time for International Women’s Day. Barbie is doing their part in celebrating the powerful women all around us by launching 14 dolls that represent some of our favorite modern-day role models. Some highlights […]

Mattel has announced the release of the Gabby Douglas Barbie Doll as a part of their You Can Be Anything Campaign, naming Gabby as a brand ‘Shero’.  The Barbie Collection website says: “When Gabby Douglas was just three years-old, her older sister showed her how to do a cartwheel. The little girl flipping around her house […]

Mattel is honoring Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, with a Barbie of her likeness. Douglas is celebrating her success in the U.S. gymnastics team’s trials this weekend, making the 2016 Olympic team. Mattel has unveiled a “Shero” Barbie in her honor, earlier this week. The “Shero” line includes the likenesses of female notables such as  Misty Copeland, Ava DuVernay, Eva Chen, Trisha […]


Mattel recently released a Game Developer Barbie in efforts to break gender stereotypes in the STEM industry; but one thing the toy company failed to do was feature the doll in different ethnicities. The only available option was a White doll with red hair. After noticing this while picking up a doll for his wife who is a Black game developer, Marcus Montgomery was prompted to come up with a solution of his own.


Misty Copeland hit up "Good Morning America" earlier today and revealed her new Barbie.

We’ve always know that women don’t all look alike, but had to settle on a set standard when it came to dolls. Well, Mattel, maker of the ubiquitous Barbie has decided that she will not come in tall, petite and curvy varieties.  Announced Thursday on its website, Mattel has decided to be intentional about letting […]

Forget Tickle Me Elmo and Cabbage Patch dolls. The Ava Duvernay Barbie doll is the hottest toy in existence at the moment. Everyone wanted to get their hands on an Ava Barbie this week. But if you didn’t click through to “Submit Order” button online quick enough, you’re out of luck for now. According to […]


The doll, which was priced at $65, sold out within an hour.


So excited to honor @Zendaya with a one-of-a-kind doll as she encourages girls to Raise Their Voices and to #BeSuper! — Barbie (@Barbie) September…

Barbie is finally bringing the many shades and beautiful features of women from all backgrounds to its brand with the introduction of 23 new dolls. Mattel made…


Frustrated by an inability to find a doll that highlighted her three daughters’ beautiful African-American features, Angelica Sweeting created one of her own. Sweeting, 27,…