We chatted today with Ben Tankard about his concert here in the Queen City this weekend and about his new reality series “Thicker Than Water”.  One of the controversial elements of the show is a discussion about wealth and it’s role in the Kingdom. Tankard shares his view and his story in our interview:  

The Wall Street Journal released this video which includes a live feed from Beyonce’s mic at Monday’s Inauguration.  By most accounts it is clear she is singing along with a track adding maybe some different fuel to what has become a “scandal”  (of overblown proportions in my opinion). Check it out below and see what you […]

Three-time Stellar Award Nominated Gospel group, 7 Sons of Soul, is back on the scene.

Spiritual Wellness with Dr. John Guns every Friday at 3PM on Praise 100.9.  Dr. Guns suggests that the Church really doesn’t like sinners. Huh?! Take a listen to see what he has to say!