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It is a Thursday’s Edition of Clues and Categories!  If the ladies win today, they take the week.  However, if the fellas win today, there will be a sudden death game of Clues and Categories tomorrow.  Listen now to find out how it went down.

Goals • Personal and community-based goal-setting through simulated labs • Develop personal action plans upon graduation from Kappa Kamp • Learn how to collaboratively strengthen communities through service • Provide opportunities for utilization of skills learned in Kappa Kamp • Complete a community service project within a year of graduation Overview Kappa Kamp, a partnership […]

VIA MSNBC.COM Teacher has been fired for literally beating a student. But ask yourself a question, what did the student do to send this teacher over the edge? Click on photo to see video.

VIA CNN.COM Cartoon Network is working on a new cartoon series based on Jesus Christ! Not a documentary, but a comedy! http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2010/05/07/show-about-jesus-is-just-a-maybe-for-comedy-central/