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Another day, another gang of officers overstepping their authority.

Ben McBride was recorded standing up for a Black woman who was being harassed by police officers in Richmond, California. He accused the police of not using discretion in the matter – as he put it, the police could’ve simply written her a ticket for not having the right tags for her vehicle. Instead, they had her car towed.

“You could’ve used that discretion, but you chose not to. And that, sir, is the reason why Black people do not have trust for White police officers in their communities…” McBride yelled.

There’s no word on the outcome, but he certainly let them have it. “You should be ashamed of yourself,” he hurled at the officers over and over again, while they stood around and laughed.

“So you can laugh, you can smile, you can look away, but tonight, sir, you have demonstrated yourself to be without humanity. Tonight, sir, you have rendered yourself and demonstrated yourself to not have compassion, and for that, you should be ashamed,” he continued.

Watch the Facebook video posted by McBride above.

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