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Chris Rock made crazy dads all over the world proud on Sunday night when he helped his daughter sell her Girl Scout cookies by pushing them on big spenders in the audience at the 2016 Oscars.

The low blow didn’t come as a total surprise to troop mom Linda Spradley Dunn, because apparently, she always beats the comedian in sales – and who likes to lose? Oscars host Chris spoke on the family friend’s win streak ahead of introducing his daughter and her friends to today’s biggest stars, and now Linda’s speaking out on the friendly competition as well.

She told Access Hollywood that it was all in good fun.“That was a personal throwdown. We have a fun rivalry. Selling cookies is fun,” she told the publication.

Linda’s a good sport. She’s totally happy about the Girl Scout plug, adding: “You can’t buy that type of publicity for the Girl Scouts. That was a wonderful thing that he did.”

After his daughter raked in all that cash from unsuspecting celebrities, Chris announced they’d raised a whopping total of $65,243. In a new interview, producers admit that the unbelievable figure was just a part of the joke.

First-time Academy Awards producer Reginald Hudlin told THR:

“It came from a proper family moment, and it had a comedic payoff. There’s no way that [the $65,000 total] was it, it was part of a comedy bit, and I don’t think anyone saw it as anything but.”

Head over to The Hollywood Reporter for the full interview. It seems there were no unplanned moments – not even Stacey Dash’s Black History Month flub.

SOURCE: Access Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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