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It’s the kind of story that makes your blood boil.

A Dallas father attempted to abduct his children from their mother, Miesha Kilson, at gunpoint Monday. Steven Douglas fired several shots into the family car, chasing it down before a police officer showed up. That officer, however, didn’t attempt to stop the incident but, instead drove up, asked what was going on and promptly drove off. Fox 4 has the story:

“That man looked up, he said, ‘What’s going on?’” said Kilson. “Right at my window, directly. I said, ‘Get him, get him!’ As [Douglas] got the gun, Maya said, ‘Get out, get out!’ [Douglas] saw the policeman, so he moved the gun. He jerked my son out the car. That policeman drove off. He drove off. He didn’t come back.”

Kilson had been on the phone with 911 throughout the ordeal.

“So I yelled to the lady on the phone, ‘Ma’am a cop just drove off!’” said Kilson. “I said, ‘Why did he pull up, ask me what’s wrong and drive off, and now [Douglas] got my kids?’”

A male witness saw the ordeal and tried to help, even driving to find another officer.

“I said, ‘Excuse me, officer,’ I said, ‘Excuse me, there’s a lady down the street,’” said the man. “’The guy took her kids. I don’t know if he shot her or not, but she’s over there and she’s yelling, and he hit her car and all that.’ His words to me was, ‘I’m on a traffic stop,’ something like that about being on a traffic stop. He said, ‘I’ll be down there in a minute.’ So I said, ‘Are you being serious?’ And he looked at me, so after that, I just took off, peeled out, called 911.”

Kilson said that motorcycle cop later told her the same thing.

“A motorcycle cop said, ‘I was right here, I was right there. I saw everything and I heard all the bullets, but I was writing a ticket,’” said Kilson.

“Said that to you?” asked FOX 4.

“To me, the [witness] and when the final…‘cause five cars passed us. The [witness] flagged down two,” said Kilson. “No one stopped.”

Some of the five cars that passed were responding to the automotive repair shop where Douglas ran into after he crashed.

Cpl. Richardson was identified by Dallas police by conducting a computer review of officers’ locations.

His presence at the location without taking any action was confirmed by dashcam video from his squad car. Read more.

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