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I was raised to believe that Black people were as diverse in thought as we are in aesthetic. Given that I grew up to be a gay heathen that’s essentially left of left on most things political, it behooved me to embrace and carry such a mind-set as I entered adulthood. Even so, while I get that all Negroes don’t sing the same song, I still have to ask in light of recent events: What in the hell is wrong with you?

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Rolling Out has a new list out entitled “Blacks Who Support George Zimmerman.” I’ve never been more upset with a listicle nor have I ever wanted to carry around a bucket of white paint with me as much as I do now. The list includes the likes of Zimmerman’s Black friend Joe Oliver (pictured) and White supremacy’s oral massager Larry Elder.

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Joe Oliver is a pal of Zimmerman, so I suppose we can chalk that up to blind allegiance. The likes of Larry Elder deserves no such courtesy, though. On the issue of Travyon Martin dying at the hands of vigilante George Zimmerman, the conservative commentator says:

Well, why [were] we sure that the authorities in Florida [were] not investigating? Why are we sure that they’re not on top of it? The idea that Al Sharpton or the Congressional Black Caucus needs to yell and scream for the law enforcement authorities to do their job, I find offensive.

This guy as a neighborhood watch captain was concerned about crime…and according to Florida law, you don’t have to retreat. You can stand your ground and fight back. And apparently that’s what this guy [Zimmerman] did.

Have you ever read anything so boastfully ignorant? What literate Black man that has at least watched 15 minutes of the news in his life would dare suggest that law enforcement in any part of this country is historically known for rushing up and down in defense of a Black man wronged? You don’t have to be like baby Michael Evans to realize there’s plenty of historical precedence that explains why Black political leaders are not as inclined to place complete trust in the justice system as their lily White counterparts.

There are others, though, such as Derryck Green, who have taken the racism involved in Trayvon’s murder and proceeded to put his thang down, flip it and reverse it.

The spokesman for the Black conservative organization Project 21 said, “I think that this case happened at a time when it was exploited by the President and by people like Al Sharpton, and partially by the parents of Trayvon Martin, because the victim involved was a Black man.”

Green went on to say that Zimmerman being referred to as a “White Hispanic” is the media’s way of “exploiting the racial aspect of the case.”

Jesus be a clue, context, and an analytical mind — seeking justice for your son’s untimely death is not exploitation.

Meanwhile, denoting Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic” was to defuse the stupid idea that Zimmerman cannot harbor prejudice given he is a Latino. You see, Hispanic is his ethnicity, Caucasian is his race, and both Latinos and Whites have been known to think less of Black people.

My head hurts even having to explain this to another adult with a seemingly functional brain.

If these Black apologists for Zimmerman weren’t enough of an ear and eye sore, there are now Black people running behind Paula Deen. I don’t know if she promised these people some sugar cookies or a reprieve the next time she wants to theme a dinner party after slavery, but they sure are donning the cape for this daughter of segregation.

On the main page of the site, you see the following:

We have all made at least one mistake that we wish never happened. Paula Deen should not have to continue to suffer for one mistake.

Myself and over 100 of my friends are gathering in New York city on Friday, August 16, 2013 to have a “WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA” rally in Times Square right outside of the Good Morning America studio during the 7AM filming hour. We want everyone to see that that Black people are for Paula and that we accept her apology. Black leaders such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton have forgiven Paula. The Black community has forgiven Paula, it’s time for us all to open our hearts and give this good woman a second chance.

We want to have a huge banner made saying “WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA” and pink T-shirts made saying “BLACK PEOPLE FOR PAULA”. We also want to put together a

“WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA” signing book, that’s a book compiled of positive comments about Paula Deen you send us and we are going to send a copy to Paula and to the the companies that have chosen to prematurely brake ties with her.

You Black Bozo’s gotta go. As in, we need to have a real racial draft in which you clowns are traded off for folks like Tina Fey, Ryan Kwanten from “True Blood,” and I don’t know, someone from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Wherever you go, you self-loathing, illogical, White-worshiping wastes of beautiful Blackness need to leave.

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Michael Arceneaux is a Houston-bred, Howard-educated writer and blogger. You can read more of his work on his site, The Cynical Ones. Follow him on Twitter: @youngsinick

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