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Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to a group of Charlotte leaders on Saturday at Little Rock AME Zion Church. During his unscripted, nearly two-and-a-half hour speech Minister Farrakhan talked about what it meant to be a leader – from a spiritual perspective.

Farrakhan told the leaders in the room, which included County Commission Chair Harold Cogdell, County Commissioner Vilma Leake and local community activists and leaders of community and government-based organizations, that leaders must not be afraid to lose worldly possessions. These things, said Farrakhan, are obstacles that if treasured more than God, will keep them from fulfilling their destiny.

Using the story of Abraham (Genesis 22) as a point of reference, Minister Farrakhan said nothing, not even the fear of losing your family, should prevent you from obeying God.

“God told Abraham to kill his son,” said Minister Farrakhan. “Abraham had waited 90 years for his son – a son God gave to him. Now God was telling him to kill his only son. It didn’t make sense. Why would God want him to kill his son? But Abraham was obedient. On the day that it was supposed to happen, Abraham was ready. Just as he was about to strike his son, God steadied his hand. It was a test. God wanted to see if Abraham loved Him more than anything in the world. This is what leaders do; they love God. Any leader that would compromise the people for money or some favor, you aren’t fit to stand before God,” said Farrakhan. “True leadership means you love God with all your heart, mind and strength.””