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Charlotte native Otissa Marble loves fashion. Unlike many fashion lovers who follow new-school trends, Otissa is fascinated with vintage pieces. You know those one-of-a-kind gems you find hiding in your mom and grandmom’s closets or at your local thrift store.

“I am amazed at how fashion is recycled,” said the owner of Fashionably Me!, a resale boutique that offers both traveling and online stores.

We recently caught up with Marble to discuss fashion.

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How would you describe your style? My style is a fun mixture of modern and vintage pieces. It’s simple, clean and classy. I like to play up my legs either in a pair of straight leg jeans or a mini dress.

2. Who would you say inspires your style? I love women who break the style rules and wear what they choose. Tracee Ellis Ross, Solange Knowles are a few that come to mind, however I also love Kerry Washington’s style. Her looks are always clean and classic.

3. Who is your favorite designer? I can’t say that I have a favorite designer, but I love mature and classy brands such as BCBG and Banana Republic.

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4. What accessory do you have to wear every day? Earrings! I can do without the attention grabbing statement necklace and the bangles, but I love earrings! Most days I wear earrings; even it is only a small pair of studs to wear to the gym. Over the past few months, I’ve collected several pairs of cool vintage earrings from thrift stores and yard sales! I head to the accessories counter during each visit at the Goodwill and Value Village. If I’m obsessed with anything, it’s a cool pair of earrings!

5. What’s your fashion pet peeve? I believe in breaking the rules of fashion, however, the one rule that every woman must follow is, “Wear your size, not the size you want to be.” Many women get caught up in the number on the tag and tend to buy down a size or two. When an item is too tight, it changes the entire look. The better the garment fits, the better you’ll look.

6. What fashion tips would you like to share with others?

While I’m no fashion guru, these are tips that I keep in mind:

  • Know your own style and what looks good on you. Every style or trend is not fit for everyone.
  • Confidence is the best accessory!
  • Pair vintage items with modern trends to avoid looking too “dated”.
  • It’s more important to create a functional wardrobe (with multiple looks) than a closet full of expensive items that you’ll only wear once.
  • Don’t discount thrift stores and consignment boutiques. They are full of jewels!

7. What’s your favorite color? I’ve always played it safe with color and gravitated towards neutrals, however my favorite color of the moment is Kelly Green! I’m just realizing how many pieces I’ve purchased this season in this color. It works for me!

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8. If you had to describe your style in terms of music, what artists, genre of music etc would you say best describes your style? I love the style of musicians in the 60s and 70s. Wide legged pants, cap toe pumps, multi colored and multi print garments, mini dresses and square heels are all fashions that were worn back then and still being channeled today. I would love to raid the closets of Diana Ross and Gladys Knight! I’ll bet they have some hot accessories!

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