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If you were to ask any reasonable Black person what America should do for him or her, the response would likely be to leave me alone.

Most Black people are long past a desire for special programs based solely on our skin color. Many Black people don’t see themselves in either the “Save the Whales” category nor the “Free Tibet” range.

William Jelani Cobb would accuse me of presentism, but I would argue that if, at any time during our existence here in America, we were just let go, we would have survived. Blacks convinced that we can’t survive without white benefactors would perish. The rest of us would be just fine.

So when you read that Newt Gingrich is criticizing President Obama for not doing enough for Black people, what you’re reading is a naked appeal.

But unlike David Walker, here’s what Mr. Gingrich is saying: “No administration in modern times has failed younger blacks more than the Obama administration.”

Luckily, “modern times” is specified.

In ancient American times, Blacks weren’t taught to read or write so we didn’t even get the chance to fail.

Gingrich’s argument rests in the fact that 40% of America’s Black teens are unemployed.

Consider this: if 25 states and 50 cities, could riot leaving a reported 23 Blacks dead and 2 dead whites all because Jack Johnson became the first Negro to win the heavyweight title, what’s the chance that the Obama election angered some whites? And some of those angry whites might be the “job creators” for whom we’re always creating tax breaks. And while Jay-Z’s right, numbers don’t lie, they can be manipulated to say what you need them to say.

For instance, of that 40% of Black teenagers unemployed, what percent is between the ages of 13-16 and therefore legally unemployable?

But whatever.

Listen, I abhor Black-on-Black violence, but I love Black-on-Black crime that leads to communal profit.

You want to do something for young Black people Newt?

Don’t try to make us the new Mexicans—especially when there already are new Mexicans—just promise to reduce our numbers in prison and wash your hands of us like Pilate.

Or is that thought even scarier than a Black president?


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