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Dr. Alveda Celeste American Christian minister, conservative, pro-life activist, and author and  niece of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke out about MTV’s show “16 and Pregnant”

I ached for Markai,” stated Dr. Alveda King.  “Before one of my abortions, Planned Parenthood told me that my baby was ‘just a clump of cells.’  Decades later, this beautiful young mother was told the same lie”

Women from the Silent No More Awareness Campaign (SNMAC) reacted with sorrow and disappointment Thursday at MTV’s “No Easy Decision” program depicting a young mother with an infant child who goes through an abortion.

“My heart broke for Markai, not just for her difficult situation, but for the lack of counseling she received,” said Georgette Forney, a co-founder of SNMAC.  “This abortion decision was driven by economics, but no one told Markai about the help available to her from pregnancy resource centers.  No one told her that this didn’t have to be ‘Sophie’s Choice,’ having one child die so the other could live.”

“The abortion clinic told this young woman to think of her unborn baby ‘as a little ball of cells,’” added Janet Morana, another co-founder of SNMAC.   “It was yet another example of so called abortion counselors acting as unethical salesmen, telling women anything to influence them toward abortion.”

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