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Since reviving and presiding over the Charlotte NAACP in 2009, Kojo Nantambu has insured the venerable Civil Rights organization will remain insignificant in Charlotte.

Nantambu has spent much of his presidency screaming racism at any and everyone. His latest target is the entire city of Charlotte, which he calls a bastion of racism. During an MLK Day protest he called for the CIAA, NCAA, PGA and anyone else to boycott Charlotte.

Nantambu is fired up over CMS’ decision to hold school on MLK Day to make up last week’s missed snow day. Before Nantambu’s latest tirade, he accused CMS of racism over its decision to close eight schools. The decision, which CMS acknowledged, disproportionately affected minorities. Nantambu’s protests aren’t helping Charlotte’s black people. His public antics mean the NAACP will continue to be irrelevant here.

I love watching documentaries about the Civil Rights Movement. I marvel at the courage of those who led the charge for equality. However, it took more than courage to change the country. Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement also had an agenda. They didn’t protest just to be on television and in the newspaper. Their protests built public support for a legislative agenda.

“We need to resurrect (the NAACP) so that it has the same kind of presence and effectiveness that it’s had in days gone by,” Nantambu told the Observer in 2009.

Nantambu has established the NAACP’s presence, but it’s far from effective.