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Source: Anastasia Babkina / Getty

Autism Awareness Month is an annual event that takes place in April each year. The aim of this month is to increase awareness and understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among the general public. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior. It is a lifelong condition that can manifest differently in each individual.

During Autism Awareness Month, organizations, advocacy groups, and individuals around the world work to promote acceptance and understanding of autism. Many events are held to raise awareness and educate the public about autism, its symptoms, and its impact on those affected and their families.

One of the most well-known symbols of Autism Awareness Month is the Autism Speaks puzzle piece logo. The puzzle piece represents the complexity and mystery of autism and the idea that every individual with autism is unique and has their own strengths and challenges.

Autism Awareness Month events often include autism walks and runs, fundraising events, social media campaigns, and educational seminars. These events aim to provide support to individuals with autism and their families, while also promoting acceptance and understanding within the community.