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Departure flight board with cancelation at the Airport.

Source: IronHeart / Getty

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has made it on another list. This time, it’s not a good one.

This summer, Charlotte Douglas International Airport is among the top 10 airports for the number of cancellations and delays.

According to FlightAware, data from May 27 to July 27 places CLT at number seven in the nation for arrival delays with 29.5 percent. CLT is ranked eighth nationwide for cancellations, with a percentage of 3.3.

Most of the flights operating out of Charlotte are American Airlines.

37% of American Airlines flights out of Charlotte had delays between June and August, according to FlightAware.

Southwest Airlines had the second highest amount of cancellations.

“Staffing from the flight crews meaning the pilots, the flight attendants, the fuelers, baggage handlers, and security people,” said Kathleen Bangs with FlightAware.

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