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Three elementary school friends going to school

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The first day of school can bring a lot of nerves for children. Luckily, there are ways that parents and guardians can help make this transition easier.

Maintaining a schedule and maintaining open communication can help kids get ready for the start of the school year, according to Dr. Vivien Haupt of Cotswold Pediatrics.

“One of the best things they can do is talk to them about their fears, rather than avoiding it, so they can discuss it. And, try and stay positive, even though you may be discussing fears, ask them what they’re excited about because you don’t want them to focus on the negative aspect,” said Haupt.

Sleep quality may also be impacted by the excitement and anxiety of returning to school.

Experts advise school-aged children to sleep between nine and eleven hours each night.

Dr. Julia Richards advises parents to limit the use of screens that keep children up late and stick to a routine sleep schedule.

Doctors all stress the importance of children eating a good breakfast before beginning their day.

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