Desperate to save her father’s California home from foreclosure, Kelly Gonzalez hopped a plane with him Wednesday and flew to Charlotte, where they camped overnight in cold, drizzly rain.

Their mission: to be among the first struggling homeowners to get help from the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, a nonprofit group with a Robin Hood-style reputation for forcing banks to modify predatory loans.

By about 10 a.m. Thursday, the monthly mortgage payment on Israel Gonzalez’s Van Nuys, Calif., home had been reduced from $3,100 to $1,730. “It was worth it,” Kelly Gonzalez said. “We had faith in what they could do.”

That kind of fervent, almost desperate, hope drew thousands to The Park Thursday, where they waited hours to get free help in modifying their loans. NACA, as the Boston-based group is known, has said it expects 50,000 people to attend the event from Thursday through Monday, part of a national tour.

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