Join us at different locations during this final week before Women’s Empowerment for your chance to tickets. Here are our WEM ticket stops:   FRIDAY 4/8/16  12-1PM JOIN MELISSA WADE AT MICHAEL JORDAN NISSIAN  (3930 DURHAM CHAPEL HILL BLVD.) FROM 12 -1PM WITH COUSIN KERA FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN TICKETS TO WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT 2016.   […]

Lynwood Norris also known as Christian Rapper Echelon Knoxx was born on April 10, 1992 in Washington DC. He was raised in a well-known area in DC called Florida Park. Life for Echelon was not easy growing up, especially without his father’s presence in his life. Echelon however was privileged to have a community of […]

You already know that Viola Davis will be the keynote speaker for this year’s Women’s Empowerment Expo.  And NOW added to the line-up is: Tamela Mann,   Tina Campbell     Pastor Shirley Caesar AND ….     Tamela & David Mann will host a relationship seminar.   Get your tickets today to Women’s Empowerment […]

We have a riddle for you. What do Tamela Mann, Tina Campbell and Pastor Shirley Caesar have in common? Yes, they are all female gospel singers with voices that send praises to the high heavens, but there is more. They will be performing at Women’s Empowerment 2016!   Wait, there’s more. David and Tamela Mann […]

She’s coming to Women’s Empowerment and we know she can act, but did you know she could to this?  It’s something her daughter really appreciates!   Award winning actress Viola Davis is going to be our keynote speaker for Women’s Empowerment.  Saturday April 16th at the PNC Arena in Raleigh.  Get your tickets today at […]