Pastor Marvin Sapp is set to release his next project in September. From that album the lead single is “Close”. Check out the video!

Hot off the heels of his Number 1 single “Joy,” which is enjoying its 6th consecutive week at the top of the chart, VaShawn Mitchell introduces his second single, “God Will Take Care Of Me.”  Offering a vintage feel, Mitchell harkens to a classic gospel vibe on “God Will Take Care Of Me” that is both […]

From her forthcoming project Sunday Song, Anita Wilson drops a new video!

GRAMMY Award nominated Mali Music has announced the release of new music.  The Transition of Mali will drop on June 2nd and features 13-tracks including “Gonna Be Alright”, the first single.  Check out the video!

Travis Greene snuck a new on in on us overnight, releasing the new single,  “You Waited”. The song celebrates the love Jesus Christ has for us as expressed in his patience with us.  Check out the video!   “

Facebook has announced that it will hire 3,000 people to help monitor crime implicated videos on the social-media platform. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the new hires become a key part of a plan to review “millions of reports we get every week”, and to ultimately “build a safe community” online and beyond.

Check out the new video for Anthony Brown’s latest single “Trust In You”

LeAndria Johnson drops an official lyric video for her new uptempo fingersnapper single “Bigger Than Me”. Johnson’s forthcoming project is set for release later this year on RCA In.

GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF says a prayer for everyone who went to church in good spirits.

Le'Andria is releasing her new single, "Bigger Than Me."

Check out GI’s new music video for their hit single “Pray and Don’t Worry.”  

In this Ericaism, Erica explains that messy conversations never stay where you want them to.