In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about her long-established habit of giving. She discusses giving to the ministry at events, and recalls an event where the speaker was preaching about giving beyond where you are; giving in your faith. An example of this would be writing checks based off of what you […]

In GRIFF’s Prayer today, he speaks about those who don’t quite understand how to share. He was struck by the people in church who don’t tithe, and believes that the reason they have a problem with tithing is because they have a problem with sharing. He goes over some basic rules of sharing etiquette and […]

In GRIFF’s prayer today, he thanks God for being so fortunate that he is able to have his own church. Still, he says, he must say something about the people he notices sneaking out of church before the service is over, and before it’s time to tithe! He says he tries really hard not to pay […]

Time, Tithe and Talents It is hard to live a life “pleasing” to God ALL the time. You may have been able to conquer it in one area of your life, but no one can claim to be walking uprightly in all areas, consistently 24/7 & 365…I always say, “The last man to walk the […]