Three 7th grade students in Honolulu took on race, privilege, and self-actualization in a podcast posted on Twitter by their teacher.

Vogue magazine continues to keep up with the times, recently introducing its first podcast hosted by contributing editor Andre Leon Talley.


Podcast: Download The National Guard has arrived in Ferguson, Gov. Jay Nixon has lifted the curfew in Ferguson, provocateurs continue to incite violence after dark, Mike Brown’s preliminary autopsy…

Social Media helped make the Trayvon Martin case a global news story. We take a look at how that happened and what lessons we can learn and apply in our own lives.  Navarrow Wright, CTO of Interactive One talks with Praise 100.9’s Melanie Clark.

The Blessing of Marriage – (hour 1 of 2) The Blessing of Marriage (hour 2 of 2)

Hosts: Marcos Mercado and Tiffany Bacon Guest: George James, MFT Addictions (Hour 1 of 2) Addictions (Hour 2 of 2)

Special Guests: Antoine & Pam Lee Hosts: Tiffany Bacon, Marcos and Amarillis Mercado Relationships (Hour 1 of 2) Relationships (Hour 2 of 2) Original Air Date: Jan. 2, 2010 Re-Air Date: February 6, 2010

If you missed Marriage Beyond the Vows, want to listen to it again, or want to get a copy of the show Well, now you can with the Marriage Beyond the Vows Podcast. Fear in Marriage (hour 1 of 2) Fear in Marriage (hour 2 of 2)