Saturday Mornings Are Heating Up with ‘At The Table with Cannon’    (Charlotte, NC… April 3, 2017) – Beginning April 15, 2017, listeners in Charlotte will get to experience At The Table with Cannon hosted by Patrick D. Cannon on Old School 105.3 FM, live on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m..   At […]

Judge Frank Whitney sentenced former Mayor Patrick Cannon to house arrest with an ankle bracelet and GPS monitoring until Cannon reports to FCI Morgantown federal prison Nov. 18. Cannon was back in court today after the Charlotte Observer learned the former mayor and now convicted felon voted during early voting on Oct. 30 at Community […]

A federal judge will decide whether former mayor Patrick Cannon will report to federal prison early after reports surfaced that he voted after he was sentenced to 44 months in a federal prison. He is a convicted felon, but technically the paperwork hasn’t been filed to remove his name from the voter rolls. Cannon was […]

After a nearly four-hour hearing, Patrick Cannon learned his fate today on public corruption charges. Judge  Frank Whitney sentenced Cannon to 44 months in prison and fined him $10,000. Cannon had already agreed to pay $50,500 in restitution for the money he received in his bribery scheme. He will report to prison at a later […]

Sentencing underway today for former Charlotte mayor, Patrick Cannon. Cannon arrived at the courthouse this morning and at this time sentencing has been underway for over two hours. Stay tuned to Praise 100.9 and 92.7 for updates as they develop. Join us in praying for him, his family and the City of Charlotte.

In December, Patrick Cannon placed his hand on the Bible in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center be sworn in as Charlotte mayor. Four months later, Cannon was sworn in again, but this time the Bible was in a federal courtroom and Cannon was pleading guilty to one count of honest services wire fraud. Cannon entered his guilty […]

Former Mayor Patrick Cannon resigned as mayor of Charlotte the same day he was arrested on a variety of corruption allegations. Read the allegations against Cannon here. In his resignation letter, Cannon said, “In light of the charges that have been brought against me, it is my judgment that the pendency of these charges will […]

Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon was arrested Wednesday on federal public corruption laws, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Charlotte. In a federal complaint, he is charged with theft and bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds honest wire fraud and extortion under color of official right. Cannon, 47, had his initial appearance today and has […]

A triumphant Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon and city officials basked in today’s announcement that the CIAA will remain in Charlotte for six years and move its headquarters here. Few financial details were released about the deal. However, the city, county and Charlotte Regional Visitors Association did announce that $1.4 million in funding annually. CIAA Commissioner […]

Surrounded by family and friends, Patrick D. Cannon was sworn in as Charlotte’s new mayor. In his acceptance speech, Cannon focused on economics and moving…

Charlotte has a new Mayor, Patrick D. Cannon beat his opponent Edwin Peacock III in a close race last night. Radio One’s Star Connor reports. Watch video now