If you know anything about haircuts, you know that a haircut that works for me, may not look so hot on you, and vice versa. Faces are like fingerprints—there are no two exactly alike. Many of us are familiar with face shape descriptions such as heart, pear, round, oblong and square, but a “one hairstyle […]

I recently decided to go lighter and let my stylist add some blond streaks in my naturally dark brown hair. But after a few washes, my streaks didn’t look as vibrant as it had when it was fresh. Has this ever happened to your color? Here is why your hair color fades: Colored-treated hair undergoes […]

Does your hair look dull? Would you like your hair to have incredible shine? The kind that can be noticed from across the room? Well here’s the key to having shiny, healthy hair: The most important thing you can do to help hair your shine is to prevent damage. This helps keep your hair’s natural […]