Oil Spill

VIA CNN For the first time in nearly three months, oil stopped flowing in the Gulf as BP tested a cap on the broken well. Officials were cautious about the success. BP is testing the amount of exertion placed on the well. Higher pressure readings mean the well is containing the oil, while lower pressure […]

Darryl Willis, from Louisiana, is vice president for resources at BP America. He is also the head of the BP Claims Process and the face of BP's TV claims commericals.

WASHINGTON - The outburst by Representative Joe L. Barton of Texas in support of BP underscored the potential peril for lawmakers forced to respond to crises involving industries vital to their regions, and whose bountiful donations finance their political campaigns.

Under intense pressure from President Barack Obama, BP Plc agreed on Wednesday to set up a $20 billion fund for damage claims from its huge Gulf of Mexico oil spill and suspended dividend payments to its shareholders.

Federal authorities have given BP 72 hours to come up with contingency plans for collecting gushing oil.