Even after doctors told him that he could no longer receive treatment, Former County Manager Harry Jones vowed to keep fighting. A little over a month after he made that public vow, Jones lost his six-year battle with cancer ended. But his message of a community coming together to face and solve its challenges will […]

A day after Patrick Cannon was sworn in as the new mayor of Charlotte, our former mayor Anthony Foxx returned to address the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting. Foxx resigned as Charlotte’s mayor after being named as U.S. Transportation Secretary. On Tuesday, he told reporters that he sent Cannon a personal note and described […]

How did you discover Dr. King? I first recall hearing of Dr. King while living in Fort Bragg, NC. He was my “television” hero primarily because there were not many black folks who were seen on television in responsible roles. I was an early teenager and became captivated by how he spoke. I recall after […]