Chrisette Michele

After performing for Donald Trump's inauguration, social media had serious words for the singer who now wants to appease her African-American fans.

The name of the next album is 'Out Of Control,' for obvious reasons, but the new song is called, 'Strong Black Woman,' (also) for obvious reasons.

In GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF doesn't like people criticizing Travis Greene & Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele talks about presenting her own style of "gospel" on her new R&B/soul album 'Milestone.'

Chrisette Michele’s is getting ready to spend a couple forevers with a very special man. Her road to Happily Ever After has been a rocky one that included a nasty lawsuit and an enchanted reconciliation. A few weeks back, Chrisette hinted at a huge change in her life with a post on Instagram that suggested […]

It started with a simple question — “At what age did you feel like a woman?” The ages vary, the discernment different, but the answers, all…

R&B/soul singer Chrisette Michele released a mixed tape in preparation for the release of her latest project, “Let Freedom Ring,” on November 30.  One of the tracks on the mixed tape is a Michele’s rendition of a gospel classic – “Total Praise.” Check it out.