The IRS has released an online form that allows people to upload their bank account information so they can get their coronavirus stimulus payments faster. Paper checks, which could take months to arrive for some people. Log on here to see if you can expedite yours by sharing information with the IRS.

Yesterday, Wells Fargo released an assessment of how it handled its sales scandal last year. And as determined by its own board, it has failed. Last year, it was revealed that in effort to meet aggressive sales goals, Wells Fargo for years had been exercising the practice of opening bogus accounts and credit cards without […]

Charlotte will become the site of the 10th Wells Fargo History Museum, adding to the largest museum network of any financial services company in the world. The former store location in Three Wells Fargo Center will feature 6,000 square feet of exhibit space and the company’s largest retail store of Wells Fargo-branded merchandise. In addition, […]

You’ve probably already noticed the plastic Wachovia signs sprouting up at Wachovia banks throughout town. It’s all part of the Wachovia-Wells Fargo conversion. Wells Fargo will begin unveiling their signs in September in South Carolina, and in October in North Carolina. Once these signs are converted it mark the transition of all Wachovia banking locations […]