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It’s Monday’s edition of  Clues and Categories! Who started off the week with a bang…was it the fellas or the ladies?  Listen now to find out!

VIA Source: theyolondaadamsmorningshow If you missed Bishop Secular this morning, don’t worry we have you covered right here! Listen Now  

Zachery Tims, senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center, one of the largest congregations in Central Florida, was found dead in a New York City hotel room on Friday, according to several news sources. New Destiny had a growing membership of more than 7,500 worshipers. And the congregation was very active in the community, longtime […]

BET’s Sunday’s Best has selected their final contestants to compete for the grand prize. Tonight’s theme “Stairway To Heaven”. Gospel singer and minister extraordinaire Kim Burrell is  their de-facto vocal coach. . Sunday’s Best Week Number 5 [RECAP] This week’s contestants and songs were as follows: Michael Pugh Donnie McClurkin:  He made me want to sing […]

For the uninitiated, Bert and Ernie are two of the more recognizable puppets who appear on the PBS children’s program “Sesame Street.” The pair has been a staple on the program since it first aired in 1969. Change.org is a website that describes itself as “an online activism platform for social change that raises awareness […]

Thousands of people stood in line for free dental services Friday at a church in Woodstock. The two-day clinic at First Baptist Church of Woodstock on Hwy. 92 is being sponsored by the Georgia Dental Association and its Foundation for Oral Health. Baptists In Louisiana Help Texas Farmers During Drought “The line went around the […]

Company: Fetchmob Age: 26 Hometown: Stoughton, Mass. Last year I quit my job at a hedge fund to start my own company with a co-founder, who happens to be my girlfriend Alisa Boguslavskaya. A friend of ours in North Carolina was in a lot of pain and needed to pick up some Tylenol, but he […]

Company: Pencil You In Age: 26 Hometown: Fayetteville, N.C. I’ve been programming ever since I was a little kid. When I was about six, my parents got me a V-Tech Precomputer 1000, a computer-type toy. I got bored with the games and checked out the manual, which explained ways to program with QBasic. Many years […]

Name: Wayne Sutton Age: 36 Hometown: Raleigh, N.C. I’m a partner in NewMe, along with Angela Benton. A bunch of us startup types knew each other via Twitter. We’re all from different parts of the country, and we knew the best way to get funding was to be in Silicon Valley. We were also interested […]

Company: Gokit Age: 39 Hometown: Detroit, Mich. Originally from Detroit, Mich., Hajj Flemings’ interest for technology grew while he was in high school.  After high school, Fleming pursued his passion at  Michigan Technological Institute , where he received his BA in mechanical engineering, before finishing his formal education completing his MBA at Lawrence Technological University […]

Inspired by and wanting to impress his girlfriend (who happens to be his co-founder), Pius Uzamere, 27, created BeCouply, a mobile application that helps couples discover new date spots, capture special moments and connect with their couple friends. “I realized there wasn’t a lot out there for couples who don’t want to fall into the […]

It was an historic last night in Mountain View, CA as the first annual New Me Accelerator program, designed to motivate African-American technological entrepreneurship, launched on the campuses of Google, Inc. Created by Angela Benton (founder) and Wayne Sutton, NME has been the continuation of Ms. Benton’s commitment to empower and create opportunity for African-Americans […]