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Tina Campbell

Source: Glenn Parson Photography / for Radio One

President Donald Trump has completed his first, highly controversial, full week in office. With Christians straddling the fence in supporting him – depending on which issues are most important to them – gospel artists are speaking out, and casting their views into the discussion.

Wednesday, Tina Campbell shared an open letter expressing why she believes our support and prayers are in order for the new president, saying

“I understand that Mr. Donald Trump is our new president, not our God, so as a citizen I choose to have a sensible expectation of him, accompanied by much prayer for him, and a complete dependency on God to work through him, as well as the others that are in office, to secure the welfare of this nation. I choose to opt out of fear of the unknown but rather opt in to hopeful expectation because if God is for us nothing can successfully stand against us.

I believe that understanding and compassion is absolutely necessary for the progress of all people. So, although I don’t always understand or agree with Mr. Donald Trump’s politics, perspective, and approach, I believe that the same God that created all of us has deposited greatness inside of him that goes far beyond what many of us have seen and what many of us could imagine.”

Read her full letter as posted on Facebook:

Her sister, and other half of the Mary Mary duo shared both her support and her disagreement with her sister on her show Get Up Erica: